Made in Israel jewelry

My Story

I'm Chen, the person behind ChenZ studio. I've loved beads, colors and fashion jewelry as long as I can remember myself. As a teenager I used to take apart necklaces and combine them with others to create new designs. But I had never thought of making a career out of it. That changed a few years ago, when my son moved abroad for work, and asked me to send him things along to give out as gifts - gifts with Jewish symbols, a fresh look and carrying  a sense of uniqueness. 

I created several wrap bracelets, adorned with the Star of David, and people asked him where they could buy this, as they liked it very much. THIS was the moment I decided to take my hobby forward & share it with the world.


Israel and Judaism are a great part of who I am - the traditions, the views and the colors I see reflected around me in the Mediterranean Sea, The Judea Mountains, Jerusalem's architecture and Tel Aviv's modern spirit, inspire all of my creations. You're personally invited to view my gallery and get a feeling of what truly authentic Israeli and fashionable Jewish jewelry looks like. 


Please feel free to contact me for any questions!


Thank you
Shalom and Warm Regards from Israel, 

Chen Zucker


About ChenZ Jewelry – Fashion & Tradition

All the jewelry is handmade in the ChenZ studio based in Israel, and no doubt reflects Israel's nature and views in it's designs. The collections are made with high quality materials such as: leather, crystals, semi-precious stones and metal plated with Silver sterling and 24-karat gold. 


The designs include  traditional  Jewish symbols and are yet in touch with the up-to-date Israeli fashion and it's vivid style. Each design is created for you: the woman who wishes to combine Fashion & Tradition.


ChenZ Designs is an affordable line for everyone; from the statement-makers to those looking for an accessory representing who they are. New collections are launched few times a year combining a wide variety of colors, just as diverse as Israel can be.


You can find ChenZ Designs jewelry worldwide in gift shops & boutiques. You are welcome to get yourself or your loved ones! a unique piece of jewelry here in the online shop.